• Jupiter

    Capucine / Gris Perle

  • Venus

    Luna Rose / Nova Argile

  • Mercury

    Bleu Caraibes / Bleu Oslo

  • Apollo

    Pommier De Honfleur / Blanc Megeve – High Pelmet

  • Tauri Junior

    Lime / Folkstone

  • Saturn

    Overpanel – Zebrano Ambre / Caviar

Decrobond specialises in creating and manufacturing stylish on-trend washrooms, toilet cubicle systems and lockers for commercial and public environments. We offer a one-stop resource for sourcing innovative decors and surface finishes, customising your projects, making them one of a kind. Made to order we concept, cost, create, specify and install, ensuring a quality fit for all demanding environments.

We also stock and list a huge range of high pressure laminates, compact grade laminates, melamine faced chipboard and glass effect vanity worktops, with an endless choice of colours and textures, appealing to the leisure, healthcare, industry, retail and educational sectors.

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Sport & Leisure
  • Jupiter 1500 Height Cubicle Washroom Red
    Jupiter - Prestigious Standard Height Cubicles
    Full height door, duct system and curved aluminium fascia.
  • Venus 1500 Height Cubicle Washroom Luna Rose
    Venus - Heavy Duty Cubicles
    Heavy-duty robust cubicle with radiuses edges.
  • Mercury Solitude Full Height Cubicle Washroom Blue
    Mercury - High Pressure Laminate Cubicles
    A high-density moisture resistant cubicle and anodised aluminium fittings.
  • Apollo 1500 Height Cubicle Washroom Wood Grey
    Apollo - Entry Level - Made to Measure Cubicles
    An entry level cubicle system.
  • Junior Height Cubicle Washroom Green
    Tauri - Junior/Infant Mid-Height - Shaped Door Cubicles
    Mid height shaped door cubicles for juniors and young adults.
  • Saturn - Executive - Professional Full Height Cubicles
    A top of the range floor to ceiling door and pilaster cubicle.
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