Veneer Match

  • Oak Veneer Match
  • Ash Veneer Match
  • Walnut Veneer Match
  • Oak Veneer Match Glazed
  • Ash Veneer Match Glazed
  • White Oak 2 Stile Veneer Plus Match
  • Walnut Oak 2 Stile Veneer Plus Match

Veneer Match is a new range of real wood veneered doors designed to eliminate the inconsistencies that can occur in grain pattern and colour. Ideal for corridor locations or any situation where consistency is paramount, each Veneer Match door offers uniformity of colour and grain pattern. Available in Oak, Ash and Walnut colours. Now also available in 2 stile oak and walnut.


  • Innova Ash Veneer
  • Innova White Ok Veneer

Innova™ doors are faced with panel effect veneers inlaid with real wood in a one panel design. Inlays are as follows: White oak is inlaid with Bubinga and Ash inlaid with American Walnut. Door faces are fully finished with a hard wearing lacquer to give a smooth, wipe clean surface.

Veneer Plus & Veneer

  • White Oak Horizontal Veneer Plus
  • Walnut Horizontal Veneer Plus
  • Oak Veneer Plus Duo Single Line
  • Oak Veneer Plus Duo Double Line
  • Oak Veneer Plus Duo Single Line Glazed
  • Oak Veneer Plus Duo Double Line Glazed
  • White Oak Veneer
  • White Oak Veneer Plus
  • White Oak Lipped 4 Edge Veneer Plus
  • Koto Veneer
  • North American Maple Veneer
  • Walnut Veneer
  • Anegre Veneer
  • Ash Veneer
  • Sapele Veneer
  • Steamed Beech Veneer

Natural wood veneers offer a luxury appearance from a cost effective flush door specification.

Veneer range door faces are fully face lacquered in clear satin finish. Vertical door edges feature timber lippings to complement the choice of either dark or light hardwood. Core options include certified fire doors.

For an enhanced weight door, offering a really robust feel and higher level of acoustic performance in use, Veneer Plus doors are the solution. This offers a solid core as standard within a 35mm door thickness. Horizontal veneers and duo veneers complete an expanded veneer plus range.

Dura-Oak & High Pressure Laminate

  • Dura Oak
  • White Laminate

Dura-Oak is a highly durable door manufactured using the latest innovative surface technology resulting in a consistent appearance and tough finish.

The new High Pressure Laminate range offers excellent versatility and produces a range of impact and scratch resistant doors suitable for a range of high-traffic environments.

Foil & Foil Plus

  • Oak Foil Plus
  • Walnut Foil Plus
  • Ash Foil
  • Beech Foil
  • Oak Foil
  • Ash Foil Ful Light
  • Beech Foil Full Light
  • Oak Foil Full Light

Authentic appearance wood grain effect faces from our foil range require no further decoration. Matching appearance between doors is guaranteed. Clean lines make these products a popular choice for modern interiors with fire doors and standard glazed options available to ensure Building Regulation compliance.
For a more premium grade foil, foil plus doors offer an authentic grain appearance and solid core construction.

Paint Grade

  • Paint Grade Plus
  • Lipped Paint Grade Plus
  • Popular Paint Grade
  • Un-lipped Popular Paint Grade

The popular paint grade door is ideal for basic applications, offering a timber veneered face surface ready for preparation, site priming and paint decoration. Popular paint grade doors are now available with PEFC chain of custody and with new un-lipped version. Paint grade plus with its factory pre-primed surface complete this comprehensive offer.

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