Our People, Culture and Work Ethic

At Decrobond we have a vibrant, challenging and growing business; an environment that provides tremendous opportunities for everybody. Our future success depends on having the very best team of people.

Our commitment is to attract, retain and develop the very best people by providing a challenging and stimulating working environment, where people enjoy their jobs, fulfil their potential and are recognised for their efforts. By investing across the organisation we will ensure that we continue to have the skills and resources necessary to deliver exceptional business performance. The result is a strong two-way loyalty illustrated by the number of our long-standing employees, with a large number of our team being with us for over 10 years and a significant number more than 25 years.

We encourage both our customers, our employees and our suppliers to adopt our principles, to build partnerships, which add value to the projects we are involved in, which is fundamental to the way we operate. Most of our business comes from 90% of our customer base and are repeat customers – our most loyal and biggest supporters.

Our Approach

Operating in today’s difficult and demanding environments, presented by commercial, sustainability and technical issues have inspired us to innovate solutions that improve the way we operate. By providing solutions to our clients and supporting our suppliers we aim to deliver products and services, which add value to your projects. Through collaboration with our supply chain we can ensure the sustainability and longevity of our organisation, through training initiatives and technological advancements we can improve our efficiency and reduce the impacts on the environment, reduce our costs and pass on our savings to our clients. This process is repeated year on year and key to helping us build and maintain many of our most successful relationships.

Join the Decrobond team

If you have a will and commitment to succeed in your chosen career and want to be a winner in an exciting and demanding industry, then joining us could be one of the many important decisions you’ll make. We can give you the opportunity and together we will make it work.

To apply and find out about the range of opportunities available, please email info@decrobond.co.uk